Page that uploads content to CMS Collections

Hi there I was wondering how I could create a “add articles page” where people could upload content to my “articles” CMS collection.

Here is my public share link:
Readable Link:

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On Click, a new page should open where the rules of engagement and entry form will be. Someone will have to create this and add any and all pertinent form elements. Don’t forget the “Submit” button.
All information is then emailed. This information will need to be manually imported into your new Blog CMS and can be displayed out on a new Blogs page.

Of course I’m just guessing that this is what you are wanting to do. If I’m way off, please give me one point for effort. :ok_hand:

Well I want to do that, but i want it to be automatically submitted. If you go to the “add article” page you may get the idea better.

Found it in your page list. I could not find any link to it on the site.
So yes, you already have a collection page setup. Webflow doesn’t offer an automatic transfer of information. Others are using Zapier as a workaround. Keep in mind though, you’ll probably want to screen every article before it’s posted.

@Ethan_R_Feuerbach - To add to @TheCat’s answer, you could use Zapier or Integromat to make the desired workflow possible. I answered a similar question where someone was wanting to add an image to a collection via a form. From the example I shared, you can see that a number of types of data elements can be added to collections.

You can choose to have items be stored as drafts so that you have a chance to screen before publishing.

This is for adding comments, but you could easily swap it out for articles instead.

  1. Logged out visitor signs up as a new member
  2. Member can create and edit (their own) comments
  3. Members can view all comments
  4. Logged out visitors can view all comments, but cannot create or edit them