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Page section links broken overnight

Everybody check your page section links!

For all the projects we have recently published, ALL page section links had a missing value (NO selected section) and were broken. This worked yesterday but it’s not working today (after re-setting the page section values and republishing it works now)

There apparently is another bug with target blank links
A client of mine just reported that all their links where leading nowhere.
After checking their site all the “open in a new tab” links just don’t work anymore. Only those that don’t open a new tab do…

This is a bit crazy :crazy_face: and terrible :sob:

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seems to be part of the same problem that affects several users…

After double checking with a couple of my clients other sites, ALL the sites have this problem…

Hi @cheechee

Thanks for posting about this.

I just checked a project of mine and the anchor links (page section links) are working as expected.

Can you share a specific project where you’re seeing this behavior?

​Thanks in advance!

I experienced the same thing. On my company’s website every single page section link site-wide broke overnight. I’m not sure when it happened exactly but it must have been in the past week or so. It is a large website with literally hundreds of page section links throughout, this random break is extremely concerning, not to mention a ton of work to fix.:cold_sweat:


Thanks for posting back here and sorry for this trouble — can you please provide a Read-Only link to your site?

​Thanks in advance!

This happened to us again in recent days. The link just dissappeared on random. I will send you the URL of the subpage - the first big green CTA on the site lost the link.

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