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Anchor links in Chrome have stopped working

Hi there,

I use a lot of cross-referencing throughout my site and the anchor links have been working fine since inception. But they have just stopped on Chrome. Still work find on Safari though.

Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a bug with the latest version of Chrome perhaps? Thoughts and help would be much appreciated as it makes my site feel broken.



Here is my site Read-Only: [

Can you share specific examples where this is the case so one won’t have to hunt around your project? Links (deployed pages) and screenshots help.

Oh yes! Sorry, that would have been good.

This on the home page - Explore Services button (and the down arrow), should link down to the next section.

On the COO as a Service page. - All of these services scroll down to the penultimate section on the page.

On every page there are anchor links and they have been working until last week on Chrome. They still work on Safari and in Preview mode.

Would love any insight as my website now feels very broken.

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