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Page scrolls to the right

Hello people!

I am having an issue with my site I bild - I am a newbie in Webflow by the way.

It is able to scroll to the right and I do not know how to set it to the width I really want
for the Website. I was reading about it, none of the sections are set to 100 VH, everything
is set to auto. Can you give me a hand on this one, please?

As said I am new in this program, and would like to build the Website, so if you have any
suggestions please feel free to react!

Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hello :slight_smile:

I can’t pinpoint where your content is overflowing. BUT an easy fix - not sure if it’s the correct fix - would be to set Body overflow:hidden.

Hope that helps.

Oh. My. God. :smiley:

Yessssss! Thank you very much, Nicole!
Body overflow:hidden solved the problem!

btw: do you know if there is a possible way to set the scaling/responsibility of a div block related to an other div block? If Div X grows Div Y grows as well. I would like to hold the same hight (see the 2 columns next to eachother) at both of the Div blocks, but due to the content it grows differently…