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Horizontal Scrolling Overflow Issue


I wanted to try to create a horizontal scrolling effect based on the tutorial from Webflow University

I followed up to the part where I added the Camera div and saw there is an overflow causing the excess scroll. I have tried to set the Camera overflow to hidden, yet there are no changes. All values are the same as the tutorial video.

Even after following the whole tutorial, the problem still persists. This overflow only appears on the published link and not when Read-only.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]1

Published link: [LINK]2

Hey there and welcome to the Webflow forum!

One solution that may help here is to add a div block that will contain everything, almost acting as a second body element. I usually will drop this in, set it to 100vw and set overflow to none. I will then drop all elements remaining on the page within it. This usually helps remove that horizontal scroll issue.

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I just took a look for you and I can see what you are talking it when the page now scrolls down. I went in and set the “second_body” div to Height:Auto and it seems to have corrected it. Sometimes you will need to go and manually set a div to Auto even when it appears to default to it to make sure it’s set in the CSS.

Let me know if that does the trick!

I have tried setting the second body div Height:Auto while having its Overflow:Hidden, but there is no avail as it still goes diagonally as I scroll and still has the bottom extra scroll. Then, I tried having its Overflow:Visible when the Height:Auto, the diagonal effect is not there but the extra scroll at the bottom still persists on the published link.

Read-only link
Published link

Do update me thanks!

Hey there!

That modification worked for me. It may be worth starting from scratch if you can’t seem to get this resolved. However, before you do that please share your read only and published links again. The ones you added to your last post said page not found.


Hey Kyle,

After working from scratch a few times, I have decided to try find a cloneable project with horizontal scroll effect since I didn’t want to be stuck for too long. :cry:
I have found this project and it seems to have worked when I changed the items on full 100vw and 100vh to follow my images.

Thank you so much for your help! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m glad to hear you were able to find a solution that works for you. Best of luck with your project!! :grin:

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