Horrible Pagespeed

So im having insane problems with my pagespeed, i have tried everything, from removing all cms and ecommerce Items to removing collections, removing all custom code and integrations.
I have compressed all images and removed everything that is unnessesary. But nothing seems to work at all, it always takes 2 - 3 seconds for the page to load. Im not sure if im just overseeing something.
I would really appreciate some help here :sweat_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Solarandwind

Are you talking about performance on a published site or when using the designer? If the first, then share a URL where that can be inspected.

Oh yea sorry about that, I mean on the published site:

Hey @Samuel_Reutimann

I can see that you have used background images on your hero-component class.

Using background images in Webflow can really hurt page speed - especially if it’s in the hero section.

I’d recommend using Position:relative and Position:absolute to place elements on top of a regular image. You can get the same visual effect without using background images.

Hopefully that helps,

Cheers, Dave

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Thanks for the Tipp, but i have tried that out too, and it doesnt really make a big difference.
I now even tried completely deleting the Hero section, but doesnt change anything either. There has to be something pretty big blocking all of it no? i mean it shouldnt be normal for a normal page to need 2 - 3 seconds to load right?

@Samuel_Reutimann - When diagnosing performance issues you can use the tool that is actually designed for that task, your Browser and its corresponding dev tools.

On Chrome you can use Lighthouse and test local, disabling scripts, and impacts. That helps to determine the impact of the resources you are forcing on the visitor. I often make a clone copy of I site, push it up to a fast host, then iterate through changes and record page speed improvements and document the results. If it sounds like a bunch of work it is. Remember your choices of what you add to a project impacts not only the look, but the performance.

I would start by testing without smartlook.

Fixed the Problem, started deleting everything, and after deleting everyting from the homepage, except for a header, it still took 4 seconds to load. Deleting JS didnt work either. I then deleted the google optimise id, and now i have a score of 95 :slight_smile:
I dont remember putting it there, but anyways why did that block it so bad?
Thanks a lot for the help tho :+1: