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Page performance tools using old version of pages?

I’m in the process of optimizing all of my image assets. I replaced a few unoptimized PNGs that accounted for 2/3mb for the entire site and I’m using small JPGs now. Deleted it from the page and also from my assets folder. But every page optimization checker (GTMetrix, PageSpeed Insights, etc.) are still acting like those PNGs are still there. They’re 100% not being called anywhere on the page.

Anyone have thoughts on what’s wrong?

It would be easier to check with a URL to a published link (like Most services that perform checks, cache result data, so that may be a factor. As an alternative, you could leverage Lighthouse in Chrome or another browser equivalent.

Appreciate the response. I realized it must be something still on the website when I tried Lighthouse. Turns out I switched the old images with new ones on the 1440px+ breakpoint, so it was still loading the old ones on top of the new ones for the rest of the breakpoints. All good now!