Page number limit?

I know that a while ago there was a page number limit per site which differed by plan. I have a client who wants more than 100 pages on the site I’m doing for them (it’s a resource hub for a university). I can’t seem to find any information about number of pages any more on the plans and pricing pages. Has the limit been dropped? Thanks Tess

Hey @Tess

This is a direct quote from a webflow staff member

If you need more then 100 pages try and use the new CMS with that you can make an unlimited amount of pages :smile:


Thanks Ahmad - that’s really helpful. I’ll certainly consider the CMS, although their prototype is built in the standard version of Webflow and they’re really happy with it. Do you happen to know if it is still possible to buy extra pages beyond the 100 limit? It came up in a google search that you could get add-on page packs on the team plan, although this may have been from some time ago.

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Hey @Tess,

Glad i could be of help i have no clue about buying add-on page packages i think webflow staff would be able to assist you about that :smile:


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