Page flashes before loading screen shows


Can anyone see why the page flashes briefly before the loading screen shows?

Thanks in advance!

Any ideas? I still haven’t figured it out :frowning:

Hi there, thanks for getting in touch about the page flashing, I am here to help. The behavior you are describing may be FOUT (a flash of unstyled text and usually occurs when text is finished loading before the Webfont.

A workaround to fix this common issue for webfonts is to add a little custom code to the head of the site:

<style> .wf-loading * { opacity: 0; } </style>

This typically fixes the latency on the fonts.

Here are some good resources:

Once you republish the site with the custom code added, the issue should be resolved.


Thank you so much, @cyberdave. Worked like a charm still in 2022.