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Page built via 'duplicate page' is redirecting to the original page


I’m having an issue where a page I’ve built via the ‘duplicate page’ option is redirecting to that orignal page.

This URL: is redirecting to this URL:

Totally baffling me, would appreciate your advice as to why this might be happening.


Hi James,

I think you have fixed it as I have just checked and I see two different pages:


Hi Sue,

thanks for taking a look! Yeah I just tried it on my phone and it’s working fine, as well as some other browsers on my computer (Safari and Edge), but Chrome is still misbehaving and directing me to the Anson page, so I guess it’s something crazy happening with the cache somehow reading some of the duplicate information and deciding it’s the same page. I dunno…

Cheers for your help!

  • James

UPDATE: I cleared the cache on Chrome and yeah that solved it. -cheers