My page that I duplicated and turned into a new page keeps redirecting

I duplicated a page and created a whole version of that page and when I link out to it it always redirects to the original page. I changed the URL slug for the old page to be /new-page-original and then the new page would be /new-page. Every time I go to /new-page it redirects to /new-page-original. I also cleared my cache and tried the link on a different browser and it does the same. I’m new to Webflow, so thank you for your help. Here’s the link to the new page:

In your site hosting config, you have setup a redirect from

/learning-from-incidents-conference-2023 to /learning-from-incidents-conference-2023-original

ok I think you mean it should be the other way around. Is there a guide to doing this?

nvm thank you, i found there was a redirect set up in the settings for the /new-page to redirect to /new-page-original. I just removed the redirect and cleared my cache and it works correct now.

Exactly. In that redirects table, the left side is where you want to redirect from, the right side is where you want to redirect to.

If you’re wanting it the other way just reverse those.
Glad you sorted it, please mark the solution so others can find it.