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Hi there.
My school has a currency where kids turn in fake money in exchange for giftcards and stuff. We waste a lot of paper so we are trying to digitalize this. Is there anyone to do this in webflow. My idea was to create a collection with all the students names and amount of “money” and then if you search the persons name the info will appear. The issue is all deposits and withdrawals would have to be manual. Does anyone have any other ideas? Is there a different site other than webflow that might work?
Thank you!

Edit: I want it to work the way Paypal does in which someone can select a name and send them money if thats possible.

Not entirely sure what you mean when you say “The issue is all deposits and withdrawals would have to be manual.” but maybe a Zapier integration would help your workflow?

Thank you for your reply. What I mean by that is instead of putting an input to deposit the money, someone would have to go in and change the number manually in the collection.

Hey - any suggestions I had involve some form of manual input.

Im still open to them because I have nothing

I’m still a little confused as to what you need to be honest haha - is your main issue the calculation side of it?

For example a kid deposits 50 this week, 20 next week - which is fine to input individually but you want an overall number to show that automatically says 70 for this kid rather than having to go back and calculate everything yourself?

Yes. and it wouldn’t be students depositing it would be teachers depositing into students accounts. So one student could be getting 10 from a history teacher and 20 from the math teacher, I want them to be able to see the “30” in total that they have.

hmmm maybe Airtable would work?

Although I am not too familiar with it as well as creating the database it should be able to calculate everything for you also.

Works on it’s own but you can also embed it on a Webflow site if you need

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