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Hey there! I’ve got a client that runs a surgery center, they’re wanting me to build them an easy way for their patients to pay their bill online. They already have a system that keeps track of their patient’s bills and notifies them of what they owe. All they want is an online solution instead of their patients having to pay it at their surgery center. It doesn’t need to be integrated into their current system or anything like that, once they see a payment go through then they will manually change that patient’s bill in their other system. However, I’m not sure how to make it so that the patient can insert a custom amount and then pay it. Right now with Webflow’s e-commerce tools I don’t see any option to allow a customer to insert a custom price and then pay it. Does anyone know how I could achieve this functionality? Maybe using variables natively inside Webflow, or maybe through a third party? Thanks in advance!

There are plenty of quality form services that also have integrations to payment gateways that would meet your needs. The only problem with a public form that allows someone to submit any amount, is that hackers will use it to check the validity of stolen credit cards. The way around that would be to build a customer portal where a user account and login is required with or a form engine with a double opt in (what I usually do).

This is not something I would spec using Webflow. If you want to discuss options off the forum, give me a shout.

Hi @JosiahGriswold.
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after is possible with our seamless Webflow integration:

One approach is to set up a page in your Webflow site, with a Webflow form connected to Foxy. Here’s a basic example:

Once the customer inputs whatever info you want to collect (ie: invoice number, amount, etc.) they’ll be taken to our secure checkout page (fully customizable by the way). We integrate with 100+ gateways and handle fraud prevention so there’s no worries there.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started: We offer an unlimited free trial, so you can test things out to see if it’s a good fit, risk free.


Hi Jeff, thanks for the feedback! I would love to learn more about this process, would you mind expounding a little more on how that would work?

Hey Josh, appreciate the feedback! So with Foxy’s integration we could design a form on my clients site, we would have input fields for them to insert the amount they need to pay and then they could submit that and it would redirect to your checkout page? would that checkout page be able to display whatever price they set in our form or how would the checkout process reflect the custom price?

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HI @JosiahGriswold.
Happy to help! That is correct. Price is determined in the “add to cart” form. Open price field, preset options, etc. Whatever you need.