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My site does not load properly in internet explorer which is the primary user base for my site. Some of the issues we are seeing: headers spacing, paragraphs going off screen, cutoff buttons, etc. Our team is thinking we could fix this by having an overriding CSS code file to force some styles to load properly in IE 11. Is it possible to add an overarching CSS code file to our site? Or even have a jquery involved to select specific CSS elements to force attributes to? Appreciate the help and read only of site below.

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/af-ce-playbooks?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=af-ce-playbooks&preview=bd850e21b7780550fbd4a929b5319480&mode=preview

Hi @Patrick_Legendre,

Its not really CSS styling, but it is. See IE is NO longer supported by any one. Meaning that technology has surpassed what even Microsoft is willing to provide. The updates required by the IE browser to still have thing show in modern browsers was eliminated back in 2016 when Microsft stopped creating updates.

You are using flexbox in a lot of your components and unfortunately, IE DOES NOT support flexbox.

You will have to use non-flexbox formatting for your layout to work properly.

To answer your question you could create an IE-specific CSS styling under the custom code section of your page settings. But that is A LOT of extra work. Who is your user base that is still using IE?

lmk if you need anything else,

Hi Brandon, Thank you for your response and I will have to look in to removing the flex boxes on the site. And that makes sense on IE no longer being supported since updates aren’t happening anymore.

To answer your question about the user base, they are mostly folks that are in the Air Force that would be viewing from government laptops where we still use IE.

Thanks for the response!


Is there no way for them to use Firefox or Chrome instead? I can honestly say that you will have more troubles making the site specifically for IE.

I wonder if modifying anything on government supplied laptops on the base is even possible without a couple of written permissions from the higher ups?

@dram, it probably isnt, but it doesnt hurt to ask sometimes.

Hi @dram , we haven’t specifically asked but is a great question, I think just trying to get users to switch to google chrome or Microsoft edge is our best option.


Especially considering that using outdated and not updating browser is s huge security risk for the AF

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Completely agree! Thanks @dram and @QA_Brandon for your support!


@Patrick_Legendre, I have been recently informed by another Community Expert that IE 10/11 have VERY limited support of Flex box. But yes, I would still recommend moving the user base to another browser platform if it can be done.