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Flexbox Compatibility with IE11?

Unfortunately, I have to design with Internet Explorer in mind, and when I went to the new Flexbox Intro page in IE, the text is overflowing in several places, and the top part of the page is all wrong.

Is this a known issue and is there code to insert for IE?

I’m using the latest version of IE. No public link to share, since I was just seeing how would look in IE

Hi @ctotty

Flexbox isn’t fully supported on IE11:

This is why you are seeing this. Hope this clears up any confusions :smiley:

Well, drats! :slightly_smiling:
Thanks for the prompt response. And good to have the “can I use” link.

Hi @PixelGeek @callmevlad and others

IE unfortunately is used fairly wide spreaded, also where I live (in the Netherlands), I’ve seen usage figures of 24% to date. I’ve used flex box on my new site ( for some parts, and from what I’ve seen in emulators of IE 11, it doesn’t look good…

As happy as I am with the new flex possibilities in webflow, and it is for certain the way to go in the future, will it be wise to build any website with flex when IE is still so very much ‘present’?

And an additional question: what is a good way to preview a site in IE 11 mode when you don’t have a windows machine to test a site? Will changing the user agent in Safari to IE 11 (or below) be a reliable way to see how your site is going to perform?


Tom the best way to test for windows is to use a virtual machine with windows and various versions of IE.

You can use Sun’s Virtualbox, it’s free and good for that.

Bonus: you can now play Trackmania on your Mac :wink:

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Thx @vincent, I Will try that right away! Oh, then I will have to buy Windows too … :slightly_smiling:

Hey @TomLamers,

I use the test version of windows 10 on my mac as an bootcamp partition. It`s enough to test websites on windows. And if windows will push me forward to buy a license I’ll go and get a PRO OEM key for at least 30 €.

Thanx @zackete_de, will look that up!

@vincent @zackete_de

Incredibly helpful, both of your replies, I’ve installed oracle’s virtual box and a test version of Windows 10, great solutions!



How do you do that?

You have until July this year to update from Windows 7 and 8 to 10 for free. The wording they use is hyper weird, never talk about the OS but about “device” so it sounds like only one device will get the licence and if you ever change… it would be voided. I don’t know. They make it super complicated. I own a Windows 7 ultimate retail version and I fail registering it, every damn time, so I use a cracked version of it. That’s really a shame. I also have acces to Azure and one technical person from Azure contacted me about it because I mentioned it on the forum. He was all like laughing about it saying it would be a no brainer. After 2 unsuccessful tries he never called me back as he said he would. But now with all the ransomwares around I’m not comfortable continuing to use bogus software. I have to sort that out with MS but I’m tired in advance about how long it’s going to take.

The majority of my customer base is corporate America and corporate America is forced to use IE in many cases. Call me a rookie but I’ve spent a lot of time redesigning a site with flexbox and it’s pretty much broken in IE because there was no indication in Webflow Newsletters/Tutorials/Website that flexbox isn’t fully supported (I feel misled/misinformed tbh).

Any solution besides the obvious on this?


May have a look here:


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