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Background image getting much smaller when adjusting position?

This seems to be a bug since I don’t recall it behaving like this before, but when I go to adjust the positioning of a background image, the size of the background image snaps to being impossibly small.

Here’s a video of what I’m talking about:

Help? :smile: Thanks!

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Yes, i seem to have the same problem as well. It is quite annoying. I also have this bug where when I position something which is in relative or absolute and have overflow on, the overflow turns automatically off.

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Hi @adiggy

Thanks for posting about this. It looks like you have a 150px width set on the image:

Can you please try setting this to Width: Auto, then set the image to contain?

I tested on this end and it looks like this should fix the issue. That said, a better UX here could be that pressing Contain would automatically clear out that preset width so this sort of behavior doesn’t happen. I’ll do some more testing on this end and share the results with the team.


the overflow turns automatically off.

We shipped a fix for this recently. Can you please log out of Webflow, then log back in to ensure you have the latest build? Then try testing this again.

Also if you are seeing the same background image issue, can you ensure there is no preset width for the image, but that the width is set to auto?

Hey @Brando! Thanks for the heads up. I went in and it didn’t have the 150px constraint you’re seeing. Maybe it got auto-cleared somehow? Regardless, it looks to be working! Thanks so much!

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