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Outputting Variant images

Not sure if this is a bug, but has anyone successfully been able to output the Image from Variants in an Options collection?

I have placed an Image inside an Add to Cart element:

And the only data available from the Variant is text:

Any help would be very much appreciated.

The model for the products in Webflow isn’t very intuitive. You don’t need to add another element to see the main image from a product variant. This is automatically displayed if the user selects another variant option.
If you mean displaying from the ‘More images’ field you need to add a collection list to the page and then add your image element inside of that.
Hope that helps.

Hey, thanks for that, but I think I’m asking something slightly different.

Specifically, how would you go about outputting an Image from the Variants list as a background image for a button within an Option List ?

It just refuses to link to that field, but links to the text (e.g. Name) with no problem (as in my original post). If I’m doing something wrong, would love to know.

This image (from an individual product’s settings):

No I don’t believe you are doing anything wrong but (AFAIK) the variant images is not available since it is automatically set as mentioned before.

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