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How to Show Remaining Available Quantity?

Hello all!

Finishing up my first Webflow E-Commerce site and my client really wants to add one more thing – with tracking inventory, is it possible to show Quantity of remaining inventory on the product template page? For instance, a “low quantity warning”, or “limited availability”, or “only 2 left, order fast!”

Thank you!

Nevermind I have figured this out, so glad this feature is available and can be done! If anyone has questions on how to do this and stumbles upon this post, shoot me a message or reply on here and I’ll help!


Hi there, would be pretty cool to know. Can you explain?


How’d you accomplish this?

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Could you tell us please.

Webflow has added the ability to display inventory qty and / or use it as conditional visibility setting.
Just select a text block in your product item or go to conditional visibility and voilà :

Capture d’écran 2020-12-11 à 13.31.21

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Thank you for the insanely quick and helpful response!

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Hey, I implemented this solution, however the quantity displayed does not actually update after a purchase is made for some reason. Only if I republish the website again, the quantity values update themselves. However, on the back office numbers are fine & Webflow itself tracks purchases & quantity correctly. It’s just this custom dynamic text that does not update itself. Has anyone noticed this and was able to resolve?
Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 21.54.13

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Yes, I noticed this too. Is there some way to get the quantity to update on the front end automatically?

Has anyone got to the bottom of why the stock quantity doesn’t update on the live site without republishing?