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Inventory bug - inventory numbers randomly change on "save"

Just today, while attempting to create new products, inventory numbers change themselves after I save any product. And no matter what I do, once set, they always revert back to some incorrect number.

In some cases, they even change into negative amounts.

I can’t ship any new products as a result of this bug, and I’m concerned any existing products will have incorrect inventory numbers.

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The problem persists, and is getting worse. Webflow now crashes frequently.

This isn’t the first critical, platform-breaking issue I’ve run into with product variants, and judging by the inaction - no one seems to care, or the problem isn’t deemed worthy of anyone’s time.

I can’t even upload images to variants without webflow crashing - an issue I raised weeks ago and have received no updates on or solutions for.

Webflow ain’t cheap. It’s priced like a product you’d expect to work. I’m not trying to push any boundaries here. I’m just trying to use features I’ve paid for.

What is going on, Webflow?

This issue appears to specifically affect variants’ inventory amounts.

Any product that has a specified inventory number, but with no variants, works fine.

I can also confirm that the issue does not relate to price, SKU or any other value of a variant. Those values can be changed, no problem.

(Though I still can’t upload images to any variant - that appears to be a separate issue)

I’ve created a clone of my website and a different website from scratch and experienced the same issue.

Is anyone else even using variants? Is anyone else experiencing issues with variants?

Issue persists regardless of browser.
Issue persists even when I make a brand new account and a new website from scratch.


I am not using variants yet, but I just added some to a product to verify your issue. I am seeing similar issues. If I add two variants wit ha stock of 2 each and then save, when I come back into the product the first item has no inventory.

I am not getting issues adding images to variants. I am not seeing crashes.

You have no doubt emailed @Brando ?

To be precise, If I change the first option item to track inventory and save an inventory amount, it will not save and opens up as no inventory being tracked.

I too can’t update any inventory after the initial setting.

Pear shaped indeed

I am in contact with support, yes - but no reply as of yet.

In any event, it’s good to hear that you’ve replicated the issue. Thanks for that, I appreciate it. If this issue affects all Webflow users, it’s as critical as I thought.

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Hi @jase, @HammerOz, thanks for your reports on the inventory changing, that is really odd for sure, I was able to reproduce the the behavior and am helping to reach out to the team to help get this fixed.

The moment I have new info, I wil post an update.

Thanks in advance

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So we’re looking at potentially a week turnaround time before a critical ecommerce bug is even acknowledged by the development team?

How am I supposed to run a store with that kind of reliability and support?

Does webflow take ecommerce as seriously as it needs to?

Hi @jase @HammerOz

​Thank you again for posting about this inventory issue.

​I wanted to let you know our engineers pushed a fix and you shouldn’t run into this issue anymore.

​Please let me know if this solves the problem on your end

Looks good @Brando. Thanks

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