Orders Dashboard

I am curious why we can’t interact with order info in the same way we can with collections or products. One of my clients needs to see information about workshops that she puts on, specifically a roster of who is attending which we collect when they signup/buy a spot at the workshop. She needs a quick easy way to see the workshop, date, who is attending, and a few other bits of info, but I don’t have access to that info and can’t make that happen for her.

There are a lot of features that would be nice to have. When what you require does not exist it is time to look at possible integrations or other tools. Webflow may or may not build them in the future. You can look at the wishlist to see what others are requesting. Some have made it into the product so if what you want does not exist there consider making a wishlist item. I have found that Webflow rarely discusses upcoming features unless they are in the build stage.

I suggest looking at Make to see if you can create entries in a worksheet or tool like Airtable to manage your workshops where you push data to them via mail or webhooks.

I appreciate that, but order info is just data in the db. The last thing I want to do is send the data into a db like airtable, then move it back into a collection so I can access it via webflow. I am just looking to access the data that already exists.

Webflow has announced automations which may address your needs if and when it is released. I don’t work for Webflow so I can’t do anything with your suggestion. You can check the wishlist and add a wish if none matching your needs exists.

Hi @John_Jackovin.
Josh with Foxy here. With out seamless Webflow integration (https://foxy.io/webflow) you can use Webflow CMS to manage workshops. After each ticket sale, you can use our Zapier or Make integration to send this data back to another collection in CMS. The data can then be used as needed.

Also, with our Webflow CMS inventory integration, after each ticket sale for a workshop, we’ll automatically update available tickets for that workshop in CMS. And finally, with our embeddable customer portal, attendees can login view workshop info, purchase history, and more.

Here to help if you have any questions or need help getting started: hello@foxy.io