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E-Commerce Integration Selling Books and Workshops inc Availability Calendar

Hi folks,

I am currently building a website for a client that delivers presentation skills to corporations and individuals.

She wants to sell books, as well as workshops. (2 books currently and 5 workshops) Also required is an availability calendar to show available times and blocks out booked workshops, with the ability for people to pay straight away.

Any suggestions or examples of an all in one solution integrated with Webflow. Or any other method that would be suitable?

Ideally it would be very user friendly so her team can manage and update with future books and workshops when necessary.

Hello @pdccreative

I would suggest to take a look at @foxy solution. I think you can find it very useful.


+1 for @foxy. I’ve done a project with their card solution, works very well with webflow, the team is super friendly and it’s cheap !

@aaronocampo @zbrah Thank you for the kind words and for recommending Foxy.

@pdccreative Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help with anything at all. I’m more than happy to hop on a Skype/phone call to discuss your needs and put together a demo for you. Also, this page includes more information about our integration with Webflow, along with tutorials and a free Webflow template.


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Hi @foxy thanks for getting in touch.

I have used your platform previously and was quite happy with the results, this store however requires the ability to sell workshops with an availability calendar (which would need to be automated so when someone books a particular date and has paid for it, it then it shows as unavailable on the site).

Is this functionality possible through foxy? and would this completely be managed through the Webflow CMS?

Hi @pdccreative.
Oh awesome! That’s great to hear. What you’re after will be possible once we finish up our Webflow Inventory integration. I don’t have an ETA, but our team is working hard on wrapping things up.

Until then, you can easily add a toggle option to your Collection so that once a spot is booked you can toggle as “out of stock” and conditionally show/hide booking options accordingly. It’s not ideal, but definitely works until the inventory integration is ready.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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