Order History from Webflow Ecommerce to Customer Dashboard

Hello, lovely humans!

I am building a Webflow Ecommerce website, and using Memberstack I was able to create the Customer dashboard that I needed with some features available through Memberstack.

My main issue now is as follows:

I need to retrieve the order history data from Webflow Ecommerce and somehow link it to Airtable so I can send it back to Webflow to be viewed in the customer dashboard.

What I need to see in the customer dashboard is:
- Order number
- Order Date
- Payment status
- Fulfillment status
- Total amount
- Products purchased (at least their names)
obviously, specific to each customer.

What is the best way to solve this issue? Could I maybe use Webflow Logic to send the data to Airtable? or should I use something like Make to send and retrieve it and then send it back to Webflow where I create a special CMS for this data and somehow filter it by user id on the customer dashboard page?

Most of the solutions I came across online refer to CMS items going back and forth, and no one specified if this could work for Ecommerce. What do you recommend?

thank you for the help! have an awesome day!

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Hi @MayaButterfly.
Josh with Foxy here. Sorry no one has replied to your post. It may prove to be pretty difficult to accomplish what you’re after since there’s a disconnect between Webflow Ecommerce orders/customers and Memberstack users.

That said, what you’re after is possible with Foxy + Webflow, without the need for Memberstack, Webflow Ecommerce, or Webflow Logic.

We have our own embeddable portal that allows customers to view order history, subscriptions, and more… all inside your Webflow site. More info here: https://foxy.io/webflow

In addition, with Foxy Logic, you can show/hide Webflow content, pages, elements, based on various criteria (ie: is logged in, has specific plan, and more).

Here to help if you have questions or need help getting started. Please don’t hesitate to reach out: hello@foxy.io