Option + nudge arrow for decimal values in setters

I use the setters with keyboard nudge a ton for quick and accurate layouts. It is important when making fluid layouts using percentages to have the ability to nudge decimal values (one or two decimal spaces). Many design apps and Chromes > Inspect Element allow you to nudge with option + arrow up or down to increment in tenths .n values. This would be a tremendous boost to speed when setting fluid percentages.

I can provide examples (screencasts) of advanced methods that apps use for value setters if it would be helpful. The Foundry > Modo has about the best usability I have seen in any app, with scroll wheel implementation on value setters.

Try with SHIFT + arrows for 10s increment.

Thanks @vincent! I have been playing with every combo imaginable. :wink:

Shift = x10
Any combo + Command (mac) = continuous auto repeat until you release command (strange).

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I don’t think that’s a feature (:

This would be super useful.

When using em or ems sizes, it’s more common to use sizes like 1.2em 1.3em instead of 10em, 20em.

Changing shift behaviour for em units would be confusing, since we’re all used to and like 10px increases with Shift.

Adding the alt/option key to make 0.1 increments instead would speed things up a lot.

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