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Increase clickable area for Margin and Padding in Webflow Designer

I find it’s easy to miss-click when trying to set Margin and Padding numbers in Webflow, here:


In order to get to this view…

You have to be precise and click on the actual number itself. Whenever I miss the number and start typing on the keyboard to set my desired margin/padding number, I initiate Webflow’s keyboard shortcuts 1, 2, 3, and 4 which change the entire view of Webflow between Desktop, Tablet, Landscape, and Mobile.

I’m suggesting Webflow initiate the number editor if you click anywhere in this red-shaded range, in addition to the number itself. Highlighted here:


If you press and hold in this range, you can drag to increase/decrease these numbers – however, no action is set if you just click it. There’s an opportunity to open the number editor as a result of a simple click in addition to the option to press and hold & drag.

This will make editing Margin and Padding easier, as it wouldn’t require so much precision to access such a highly used feature.