New feature: basic math in the Style tab

Do you ever find yourself doing math when creating your styles?

If so, you’re going to like this new feature, which lets you do basic math in all number fields in the Designer’s Style tab!

So if your logo is 78px high and you want to double that, now you can type “78px * 2” and let Webflow do the math for you, automagically.

This works with all basic math operations (+, -, *, /), automatically guesses your units, and warns you about typos. Plus, it works in every browser, for every Webflow site.

Note: you can only use one unit per operation, so if you’re trying to figure out what 760px - 2em is, you’ll end up with 758px.



Is calc() in the works? hope hope

This is cool, thanks. :smile:


@sarahc Yep! It’s on our radar :slight_smile: Previously, we couldn’t implement it because Internet Explorer 9 crashed in certain situations while using calc(...), but we’ll be deprecating our support of IE9 (and IE10) soon, which opens up the door to start working on calc :grimacing:


IE depreciation is awesome a plus :slight_smile:

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Very nice function. Thank you :blush:

Great that you pay attention to the little things. Good job :smile:


So awesome guys. Well done. One question (if you’re working on this bit of the UI):

Can you allow me to type in the margins and paddings for all the four direction AT ONCE, please?

Pretty please?


What would be really cool would be if we could mix units e.g. 80%+20px which would solve A LOAD of neatness things :slight_smile:


Well well! A feature I never realised I’d need until now… how’s that for progressive updates!

I would even be happy if we could get that someday soon. But AT ONCE would be even awesomer. Sorry to quote you out of context @diu :wink:

Please note that shift + drag will mirror values across axis and option + shift + drag will iterate and mirror all 4 simultaneously (at once, instantly, in retrospect, a year ago). If you are not aware of the feature then enjoy the retro-upgrade as they have been available for ages. It just is kind of busted in that it no longer respects the value types (it used to).

I would love to have the original feature back where it would also mirror the value type (percent, vh, vw, px). It used to work that way using shift or option shift and would instantly adapt to a new value type based on the value you inserted into based on which one you chose to drag. That was genius! It was one of my favorite UI features - I miss it every time (X4).

again, sorry to quote you out of context for my own personal emphasis diu. Apologies if it is troll-esque.

Calc will be amazing - greatly looking forward to that. Thank you for the math help!

@vlogic, amen to that. I miss it everytime (X4) too.

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