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Option field doesn't work with conditional visibility


I’m still having a problem with the conditional visibility based on options.

What I’m trying to accomplish is to show related articles and hide non-related articles at the bottom of the main article, based on the “Product Category” choice.

The collection template in question is “Articles template.” It is references the “Articles” collection. And the field my conditional visibility is linked to is “Product Category.”

Two of my fake articles have been designated with the product category “OneSource POS” and two with “Business Analytics.”

I have created two divs with the selectors “container_Point of Sale” and “container_Business Analytics.” Within these containers, I am filtering the dynamic list in each based on references from my products collection… one reference pulls the POS articles, and one pulls the Business Analytics articles. The filtering of the lists works perfectly, so that’s not the problem.

What’s happening is that when I tell the respective div containers to show based on the option equalling the product category that matches the category which shows in the main article, it disappears. (For example, when I select the element “container_Business Analytics” and then set conditional visibility to show when “product category” equals Business Analytics, it disappears.

I’ve left the two containers set with NO conditional visibility for now, because I want you to be able to see them easily. If you select the elements, and assign their respective visibilities based on “product category,” you will see them disappear as well. I would include screen shots, but since they’re disappearing when the problem is created, it really wouldn’t help. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!!

@ctotty I’m sorry to say but we’re discontinuing support for conditional visibility for option fields. We’ve run into some issues with it that will require some rework before we support it. Thanks for your patience!

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@thesergie Thanks for been upfront, even though its a bummer, it feels great that you just tell it like it is :slight_smile: Refreshing.

Thanks for the response.

@thesergie Wait…are you removing the feature? I hope not as I’m using the conditional visibility on several sites! Getting it to work hasn’t been a problem for me as long as things are selected in the right order.

I think it’s just conditional visibility that uses “options” as the variable. From what I can tell, all other field choices are working.

I see…that I should have read thersergie’s post a little closer.

Guys any ETA on the fixes - Would really like this feature to work!!!

We just finished reworking how the option field worked so you should be able to add conditional visibility for option fields. :thumbsup:

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