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Conditional Visibility not working with Option field

I’m trying to use conditional visibility for a dynamic element using the Option field, menaing I want it to display only if the option field is such and such.
For example, I’ve set the condition to: Language equals English. But it doesn’t work.
If I use a switch however, it does work, but that’s not what I want…
Any idea?

Here is my public share link:
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If I understood you correctly, You should use filter not condition.

The only problem is filters are only for the dynamic list in general.I have an element within a dynamic list (a text block), which I want to appear only if the language is english. There is no option to use filters for individual elements within a dynamic list…

Now I understad you, because I’ having the same problem. I want a Male silhouette to show for those who are male (gender option set to male) and another for the female. Plus I want them to show if no photo is set. @cyberdave help please?

Webflow replied to me that it’s a known bug and they’re working on it…

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AWESOME! Thx @yoramraz1

We just finished reworking how the option field worked so you should be able to add conditional visibility for option fields.

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