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Conditional Visibility - Does NOT Work With Options Field


I have two divs with class “Tree Div” in my “posts template” that have a conditional visibility setting of:
Menu Option equals Writings
and the other one has:
Menu Option equals Health.

None of them ever display!
Anyone has a suggestion?

What I’m actually trying to do is make a Tree Diagram of my site. Ie, For an article, it will be something like:
Home -> Writings -> Articles -> Article Name


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @yoramraz1, thanks for the post. At the moment, there are some reported issues with the conditional visiblity using option values, and the matter is being looked at.

As soon as there is some updates for this, it will be posted to the Updates page in Webflow:

In the meantime, I would suggest to alter the design to use the Switch field type, instead of the option values to use in your filter conditions. I am sorry for the trouble, as soon as there is more info on this, I will inform.

Thanks @cyberdave. Good to see you guys are on top of it.
Are you planning sometime soon to include the option of having users and logins?
If not, how do I go about it now? I also want the users to be able to comment and have Blog like features to the site.
Thanks and G-d Bless

We just finished reworking how the option field worked so you should be able to add conditional visibility for option fields now.

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