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An SEO expert told me that my site should have as little JS as possible for the texts to be recognized by google. I use the chrome extension “Disable Javascript” to have a preview of my site without JS and I notice that the small animations on my titles and texts prevent them from being displayed without JS. Do you have a solution to optimize SEO while keeping animation on my texts to keep a modern and dynamic site?

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I would not consider that recommendation to be sound advice. Google crawls sites with a headless version of Chromium and has no issue parsing JS. Webflow’s components rely on JS to various degrees, as well as animations. I have a portfolio of high-performing web properties at the top of the SERPS, and JS is present on almost all.

The only way you could do something to tweak it would be to self-host your project. JS load can be an issue from a performance standpoint. You should avoid loading unnecessary scripts, if possible.

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Thank you for your answer. Sorry I didn’t get the notification of your message :sweat_smile: