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Oppening pop-up opens a new tab

Hi, I am working on a project that requires a pop-up that opens from a button. I followed the webflow instruction for the pop-up and it opens and closes beautifully. My problem is that everytime I click the button to open the pop-up it also opens a new tab with the same page i was on. In the original tab where i opened the pop-up, everything works fine, as the pop-up opened, but i get a new tab every time i click the buttons for oppening/closing the pop-up.
The buttons don’t have selected the setting for “Open new tab” so I don’t really understand where is the new tab coming from.

I have it too, I also put up a post.
If you link to another page its ok but anything else it opens a new tab.
Section link or modal (popup).
It happened a couple of days ago.

It looks like this situation happens only in the rpeview mode. I think that it’s a bug. If I publish to domain and verify in teh domain adress, everything works fine, without a pop-up. so for now, I will check if link works directly in the domain.

Yes, published is fine. Thanks god.

Same here, and it happens since the last “webflow update”. I already reported webflow this issue but I didn’t have any feedback.

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