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Preview mode, links open new tab?

So in designer mode, when I open a project and click on a section goto link it should go down the page, instead it opens a new tab in the browser.
I tried resetting the browser settings, I tried a different browser and I tried an old project all do the same.
Anyone else suddenly getting this today?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Yes, I’m getting this today too. In preview mode, if I click any link it opens a new tab but doesn’t go to the link.

thought i was going mad being the only one.

I’m getting this too! Click any link = opens new tab. @WebflowCommunityTeam any ideas ?

Same thing happening with me, also some animations not working :frowning: . Feeling frustrated. Planned for a marketing campaign, now it’s being delayed.

Same issue, is there a room in the club? Any way to get it fixed? Or this is a bug and needs to be fixed on the wf side?

YEAH!! THANK GOD i’m not alone, i thought i was going crazy! but it does that with only one button for my part…

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ITS fixed, they posted a new update… now lets hope that dont happen again!.

Can you please share the updated post @iDATUS ? Still having the issue…

I got a message that if i wanted to use new feature I had to reload or something.
I had a modal with page links and it worked.

THANKS!!! reloaded the page worked just fine! no need to make any changes.
Again, thank you @iDATUS :slight_smile:

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OK… Well now i’m having the same issue on the cart… It reloads the page on a second page while it opens the cart on the first one.
Do you still have this issue or is it completely fixed for you?

I dont have a cart :frowning:

Hmm Ok thank you anyway @iDATUS… Thanks for you quick reply as always :wink: May be @WebflowCommunityTeam can help ?

Hey found another one, what is it with the dev team no seeing this.
Open light box and it opens a tab.

Its getting rather annoying now.