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Dropdown link open in new tab bug

Hi Webflow,
I created a project

Read-Only: LINK
Publish: LINK

I unchecked the checkboxes of “open in new tab” for the links in the Dropdown list.
But every time I click on those links, it still opens a new tab.

In the exported code, there are “target=_blank” for those links.
Could you help me fix this issue? Thanks a lot!



@yunhann Looks fine for me. Do you have a publish link??
This is the publish link, thank you!

@yunhann Yes it happens for me to?? Its looks like the set up is ok bit it still open a tab. Any custom code in the project??

Thanks for checking it.
Yes, it’s very weird.
I am not using any custom code for this project.
I checked the exported code, there are “target=_blank” for those links.

try to realink, changge the option publish and the change back and publish again.
If not create a new menu item and try

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Thank you, I recreated the nav bar and the problem is solved.

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I don’t know that I would consider this “solved”. I’ve had this happen on TWO separate sites now. I’ve even tried recreating the component and it still doesn’t work. Unfortunately, “rebuild the entire ___________” isn’t a solution. It’s still a bug.

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