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Need help with a Photo Collage

Hi Guys, and sabanna :wink:

See the screenshot.
Can anyone tell me how to make the picture above chancing when there’s a click on the Thumbs below?
or is this not possible in Webflow? Thanks for the help!

With using Lightbox element you can do this.

Hi Sabanna, thank you for your fast response!

At this moment i have a lightbox… see this link:
Watch the existing solution and klick on the second slider house

The existing solution is what i know about the Lightbox…
But i want that the big pictures is chancing right on the screen…
is that really possible? if yes, please send me a link of a website who has it like this!
than i can build it!

Many thanks!

Hi again, Koen.

Here is link to the site-gallery that I create
Click on any picture and look how it works. If it is what you need I am glad to help you.

Hi Sabanna, thank you, but its not what i need…
i want to change the picture in the site itselfs…
as in the lightbox, but than directly in the website.

Ok, I got it. And still think it is possible. Just make every small picture as a link. Add interaction for show and hide big pictures (which all will be inside the div or container) :wink:

Hi Sabanna, i worked it out! Many thanks for thinking with me!

Don’t know if my ideas helped, but always welcome, Koen :wink:

var imglink = "";
$('.thumb-img').click(function() {
  imglink = $(this).attr('src');
  $('#main-img').attr('src', imglink);