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Opening article in "lightbox"?


Is it possible to create a site where you click on an article and it shows up in a “lightbox”?

Similar to how theses site do it (on desktop):

Any ideas or tips would be welcome!

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Same in here, i need that too!

Looks cool! Though, I doubt that it is a simple lightbox.

Yes, although it’s not called a lighbox. It’s called a modal. You can refer to this article by Webflow. The article doesn’t show exactly what you’re looking for, but you can tweak it to how you need it.

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It seems to me that is using some sort of CMS — the modal is actually a different page, you can confirm this by opening a modal and looking at the address bar. I thought of how to do something like that: create a collection list modal and parse information from a database — however, I’m not sure it will open up as a separate page (appears so if a user looks at the address bar).

Sorry if my explanation sucks, haha.

That is exactly what I need, thank you so much! Also, do you know any ready-only link for this link modal?

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I see what you’re saying. You might be able to pull that off my manipulating some things in Webflow, but I can’t guarantee. But it looks like Dribbble uses a script to do that.

Thanks for the reply, Joseph!