Lightbox Gallery with Modal Content

Hi Folks,
Forgive me if this is in the wrong place!
I’m looking for a Lightbox gallery that has a modal window attached to it. Something pretty much like this example
I need to showcase portfolio images but also use a window attach to detail case studies on each project etc.
I’ve been trawling through cloneable Webflow sites + online but so far cannot find anything that works!
Thanks again.

Hi @Bammedia,

Actually your example you provided is not a lightbox but just a slider that is formatted to have the buttons on the image and the content tot he right. Actually this can be done by formatting the current webflow slider element.

Hey Brandon,
Thanks for your reply.
So effectively we could use a linked thumbnail image as a gallery button, which would then link to a webflow slider, where we could have slider image 70% left and content 30% right.
How would you link to engage a slider?