Dribbble Style Lightbox Overlapping CMS Pages?

Hey all, I’m wondering if theres a way to create an overlapping page functionality inside webflow? The main idea is to have a modal like functionality to a page where someone can simply click out of the modal rather than having to go backwards. Here is a dribble page for example (ignore the actual content), you can link to the post, yet its still a ‘modal’ format. Logically this isn’t a modal as creating a CMS modal wouldn’t really let you link to it each time. The closest thing I’ve found is Timothy Rick’s tutorial Overlapping Page Transition in Webflow - YouTube Would anyone know how to do this?

It’s quite easy with Webflow. You’ll design your modal as all modals should, with a display:fixed div that takes up all the screen, transparent, or transparent-ish, and place your modal inside of it.

You’ll then affect an IX that closes the modal on that div. So any click outside of the modal will fire the closing IX.

I think all modals that aren’t part of a workflow should behave like this, with a click outside either meaning Cancel or Close.

Hey Vincent, thanks for the reply. The larger problem I am having is being unable to link to the individual post/modal. Ideally the post itself is linked as a regular page would be, but the nature of the post is a modal. Its a bit confusing to explain, but if you click on any https://dribbble.com/ post you’ll see that it has a link, yet still acts as a ‘modal’. You can then share that link and it will become a standalone page.