Image Gallery lightbox

I would love to see the addition of a simple way to implemet a CMS image gallery which opens images in a lightbox when clicked - and takes the viewer through all the images on the page. One that functions like this: If anyone happens to know of a way to create a gallery like this, PLEASE post instructions. This is something I desperately need for the current project I’m working on. TIA!!

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Here are some useful links on how to achieve a dynamic lightbox:

Hope it helps :wink:

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Thanks @nita_design. :grin: I did read through all of the posts above before posting here…the only one that could possibly work is the one that uses custom HTML (none of the others scroll through all images) but I’m not sure I understand clearly enough how to implement it properly. I guess I’ll have to try it as I don’t see any other choice. It’s frustrating that there’s not a clear solution for this. :disappointed:

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I also would like to see a native solution implemented, but until then you can try to follow the tutorial.

Post the results of your work after :wink: