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Open Menu Background color

Can’t seem to change the background color of my responsive Menu

I already tried adjusting it in the Tablet mode to cascade down. I am able to locate the Open state in the class selector but when I change the color and publish, nothing happens. The Menu Div has a light grey (default)

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Hey there!

You should add a ‘focus’ state to the class Nav Menu. That’s where you can set the background color for when it’s in it’s focused state.

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Hi @Robobo

Thank you for taking a look. The color “Border Form” is the color I’m trying to change the Menu too. Nav-Menu / Focused already has that color assigned to it but the menu is still grey. I even changed the Class Combo Nav-Menu / Open / Focused and no luck. :frowning:

Sorcery!!! If you check the first pic you uploaded, it shows the “Border form” color. However, you are correct, your second pic showed a transparent color. I don’t know how to explain that. I went back and changed it and FINALLY, it worked!!!

Thank you for taking the time to help. I was a bit frustrated that something so simple could be so unnecessarily intricate in Webflow.


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Hahaha there’s no sorcery in play. In the first pic I uploaded, I already changed the color (It’s possible to play with the settings on a read-only link)

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Oh I see! Thanks again mate!

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