White BG on Mobile and Tablet Opened Menu need Transparent

Hey guys I am new here and will find out how to post a read only, but I wanted to know if anyone could just tell me a solution to my problem without it first while I find out how to get it.

So as you guys know, you can open up your menu in mobile and tablet breakpoints, well, when my menu is opened up in design mode, the very top of my nav bar (not the part with my links and things) but the very top with the actual menu button and icon, and logo, is transparent, right? Well, the problem is when I switch to preview mode to see how the menu opens and closes, the top nav bar has a white bg on it, and my menu drop down BG is the color I want, but they are two different colors now, and I don’t want to have to change my BG with my links to white because I cannot change it. If this makes sense.

Also, if I cannot change it, can I change my reserved logo with the opening of the menu, so the contrast of the logo will be correct?

See images below:


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