Gray color around the open menu button

When I press the burger-icon to expand the menu in tablet and phone mode, the area around it (menu button) becomes gray. Although I wrote for it the value is transparent even for the open state. How to fix this?

Hi @JamesHowlett,

The Open state does not get inherited from the mobile button in the non-open state

To change that, one thing you can do is to select the menu button and then go to the gear icon and click the Open menu button:

Once that is opened, go to the Navigator panel and select the Link Block just above the menu button, and then re-click the Menu button and change to the style tab:

Next, in the background color where it says “transparent”, first change the color to Black (or any other color) and then re-set the color back to Transparent:

Notice now the Background Color now has the Blue style override color showing

I hope this helps


Sorry didn’t mean to pry… but he’ll need to add the “BG color” on the Normal state after clicking those open settings.

But to remove the grey color, he’ll need to go to “Focused” and make the “BG color” to Transparent there also. :grin:

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Thank you both for your help!

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