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Opacity/Resize animations not working on published site not preview

Hey All, so I have a site I’m designing which uses a significant number of modal popups. What I’m finding is that my close modal animations which have 2 animation actions, 1st setting opacity to 0, and then hiding the modal wrapper, are being hidden correctly, but aren’t correctly displaying the opacity easing to 0.

When I preview the animation from the interactions tab it works successfully but when I go to my published site you will see that any time a modal is closed it won’t fade.

Additionally I have an accordion that is having the same issue but with resizing rather than opacity.

Am I doing anything wrong?

You can find the Modals by clicking on nearly anything, and the accordion is on the “Legacy” page, under the container for “Thanks for choosing us.”

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Daenon_Janis

Just a quick reply to say we will look into this shortly. Are you using both Legacy and IX2 interactions? This sometimes can cause conflicts.


I am unfamiliar with Legacy Interactions so I always leave the toggle switch off.


It looks like you have the close interaction trigger nested inside of the open interaction trigger:

Because of this, anytime you click the close trigger, you are simultaneously clicking the open trigger. I’d recommend restructuring the elements here and keep the close trigger a sibling of the open trigger rather than a child.

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