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Animation not working after close and open for 2nd time

Hello webflow community.

After many hours of trying to fix this and going through otrher posts on forum i just cant see what the problem is.

When the page load, all is good, animations is working and the “popup” works(bottom right picture(“Form”)) but after i close it and open again the animation is gone. If you can see my error my mental health will go back to normal :slight_smile:

read-only link:

webflow link:

Have you seen this?


I would recommend using only the new interactions panel and avoid using legacy ones in order to keep your animations consistent.

@aaronocampo Thank you for your reply!

I deleted legacy interactios and will stick to your advice from now on. But this did not fix the problem.
The site is updated without legacy interactions if you want to have another look :slight_smile:

Ok if I’m understanding correctly you want the pop up to scale and appear from 0 opacity as it happens the first time you click on the element right?

If so, you need to make the close element to “reverse” the style and not just hide the pop up.

At the moment the only thing that you have is that whenever some one clicks on your form button the form will scale up, increase opacity, etc and when you click on the close button the pop up just hides, but nothing is telling the pop up to go back to the first style settings so when you click on the form button the animation “resets”

Hope this makes sense.

Yes it made sense and that was the problem :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time, much appreciated!

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