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Child elements not hiding when parent element hidden using animation

On my appointment reminders page I’m running into an issue where my animation that closes a modal wrapper is turning the opacity of it’s child elements down to 0, but is leaving them and their animation triggers targets on the page. This is of course interfering with all of my other animations.

Am I doing something wrong? It works as expected when I click through each timed action in the animation tab.

To replicate the issue on either the website or the builder preview you can click on sequence D1234 -> add new -> then click outside the modal that’s opened to trigger the close modal animation.


Hi @Daenon_Janis

Thanks for posting about this. Definitely weird behavior. We did some testing on this end and @mistercreate was able to find a solution.

Can you please open up the close trigger interaction and delete these two animations:

Then recreate the steps, save, and publish. We took these steps on this end and the issue was resolved. Please let me know if it also helps on your end.

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