Trouble with wordpress and ninja forms


I’m using Webflow to create a theme for wordpress:

Only thing is I also use plugins such as Ninja Forms. I dont use the webflow forms at all.

When I use the default Twelve Fifteen theme the forms work. When I use the theme I created with Webflow it’s not working and gives errors.

See screenshot:

please help.

Thank you!

Hi @JaimeGizzle, thanks for the question. The first thing I need to mention, is that Webflow does not provide technical support for integrations out side of Webflow.

I did take a look however, and noticed a few things.

You mentioned you are not using Webflow forms at all, but it looks like you are using a Webflow form on the site, that has been edited after export.

There is no Action property set, so the page thinks this form should be submitted to Webflow, yet the Webflow siteid tag is missing, which I believe is the reason for the error.

I would first set the Action property to the form script you are using, and then see if the error persists.

Also take a look at this article on working with exported forms, and how to set those up for use with an external app:

Let me know if that helps !

You are right it was actually using the class=“w-form”

once I removed that. it was working.

thank you,

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