Oops, looks like something went wrong

All of my designers aren’t retrieving CMS data and when I navigate through my site settings tab I receive the subject error repeatedly. I was working fine all morning until I refreshed when my page wouldn’t save / publish.

Anyone else receiving this error?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Yes, I am down too. :(.

I keep receiving errors and sometimes logging into the Dashboard won’t load.

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I had a similar issue in the dashboard a few minutes ago.

Same here, just happened a few minutes ago for me and my team…

yes me too i cant open any of my projects it says oops something went wrong!

WTF Webflow… Same here. I can’t open my projects and when I occasionally can, they don’t save and the CMS is inaccessible.

I am down too. Finally was able to log back in and now my site is entirely blank :frowning: no backups showing either!! Not cool!

Hey everyone! Riley from the customer support team here.

We have identified the problem and are in the process of rolling out a fix. Feel free to follow our status page for more updates.


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