Dashboard Inoperable - Sunday eve PST

I can’t create a new site and can’t open existing projects. Is the server down? I’m in emergency mode with a job interview tomorrow.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Very buggy for me as well at the moment, starting about 10 minutes ago. Unable to publish site or save the project, fortunately I noticed before closing so I could create a backup of the text copy I just wrote :confused:


I’m also experiencing some issues with publishing my site. It looks like the builder could be bugging out.

Yep it’s not working for me as well.

Same Same.

Got an urgent deadline, which is not helping the stress levels!


@Brando, @webdev , @QA_Brandon Are you able to assist please?

Can see that the team are aware of it:

Really slow here too… Though I have noticed changes do eventually go through! May have to refresh (after the changes finally get the green tick!) but it does seem to work after about 5 minutes.

Yaye! All sorted.

Thanks Webflow Team :nerd_face: