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Сonversion of the text

Good afternoon. Is it possible to convert the text of the paragraph to span, which is part of the Rich Text block?

It is necessary that the circled part of the text was blue. In the text block I would highlight this part in the span and edit it as I would like. But what if the text block is Rich text?

Note: I can’t refuse to use this item.


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Not possible. Workaround is use h5/h6 and style that instead.

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hi, @samliew

What do you mean? If I try to convert this part of the text to h1/2 / 3 and so on, then the whole text is converted. See the screenshot:


Oh right. The headings are block-level elements. So the only options here are using the bold/italics/link elements…

May I ask why you need to wrap some text in a rich-text block with a span tag?

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Hey, @samliew

I want to focus the user’s attention on a specific phrase inside the heading. For example: "Our investment deposits exceed (hereinafter the main information, circled in blue) - 70 million dollars.

People don’t always read the whole text. And this… focusing on certain phrases helps them to catch the most necessary information.

There has been a really cool free tool made by Finsweet to help do this! Check it out: