Colour selected text within a richtext box

ok heres a tricky one - I think. I have to create a table of information. I can use flexbox for this I reckon, but certain type within paragraphs needs to be coloured blue! This will all be dynamic content - so how on earth can I do this - it would be a shame to tell the client just to upload the pdf - as any other cms editor such as joomla would be able ti do this easily - so they may doubt webflow based on this silly problem.

Or is there a way to design it out? Perhaps make a richtext box specially for this document - use the bold tag and style it as blue. What I really need is a span tag option.

screengrab attached.

Hi @pauloram,

If the screenshot you shared is a pattern for the dynamic content it looks like it’s semanticaly speaking some sub headings.

In this case you could use nested selector of rich text.

For example h4 or h5 for the blue ones and h6 for the normal one. As they attract more the eyes they can be considered a bit more important for the audience and therefore you can control the styling as well as the semantic of your heading tags.

Of course this only apply if all dynamic items are following the same kind of pattern.

I hope it may help.

That image is from the word doc I have to recreate in webflow (albeit more nicely laid out!)

i used the bold tag and styled that to allow me to add the blue highlights, as its not always for an entire paragraph. Semantically thats a bit frustrating though as I cant selectively style the UL tag so the numbers in lists remain in the wrong colour - I would have to do away with the list markup altogether and just have paragraphs.

I think if there is going to be a rich text option, it should have the whole shebang of semantic markup options - as its really for detailed work.