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I want to "wrap with span" in my rich text block

I am not sure if this should be in the wish list or in the i need help list.

I want to be able to wrap my text with span in my rich text blocks just like i can do in other paragraphs. How do I do that?

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Right now there is no such functionality in the rich text. I will move your topic to Wish List :smiley:


Being able to add classes to elements inside of a rich text will not be possible because how will you be able to apply that class to other elements when editing content inside the rich text?

The way to style text inside of the rich text is to style the tag like All Links (and nested selectors).

It would be nice it if would be possible to assign your own styles to a ruch text block, maybe it could appear just like when you select text och paragraphs to became “B”, “I”, or any Heading. Maybe the administrator could configure what options will be possible in the cms.

Yeah down the road we’ll give more options to the rich text in case you want style things differently.

This would be necessary so we can add things like “open in new tab” to links for example. Which will be super useful.

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+1 for open in new tab.