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Mailchimp Integration Help

I am testing a simple form that asks for a users name and email address. It also gives them a yes/no radio button which asks if they would like to receive our e-newsletter.

If a user selects yes, I would like their email and name to be added to a Mailchimp list.

I have managed to use Zapier and/or Webflow Action/Method to automatically add the email and name to the Mailchimp list. However, I have two issues.

  • How do I make it so that this automation only happens when someone selects YES to receiving the e-newsletter?

  • If I do it using the Webflow action/method way, how do I make it so that it uploads the details to Mailchimp AND sends the whole submission to my email/forms page (The default) – It appears you can’t do both.

Hope this makes sense.



Hi @LiamDargan,

This is an interesting and tricky question.
A few months ago, I had to setup a custom form in Webflow with a Zapier integration connected to my Mailchimp account. The Webflow form allows the user to fill in a form with his name, phone number email adress and a message. A little checkbox also allows the user to opt in or out to my mailchimp newsletter.

For this, you need to create a Zap on Zapier, not sure if I should go in all details here but basically Zapier receive the data from your Webflow form, and checks during the “filter step” if your checkbox for opt in / out has a value of “true”, if so the zap launches the next steps and sends the user’s email adress to your Mailchimp list, if the value is “false”, the zap ends there without sending any data further.

Feel free to explore the zapier filter help here:

Hope that helps !

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@LiamDargan, to allow mailchimp to be updated by the users’s name, just add a webflow field with an id of FNAME and a field of LNAME and specify the source in the Mailchimp step and voilà !